Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

So I woke up super early today to hit as many spots as possible, it's thrifting Tuesday! I'm on the hunt probably everyday of the week but I like to hit sales up on Tuesdays ;) Yeah I'm pretty much nuts like that! So here's a sneak peek of some of the goodies I found, and I'm telling you I can't wait to wear it all! One piece in particular is these iridescent snake skin bell bottoms! My mouth dropped wide open when I found them, I'm not really a fan of burgundy but these baby's won me over, and they fit me!!! I've got an outfit already pictured in my head and I can't wait to wear them! I've been finding super cool gold chokers, and this snake wrap around cuff is divine! Oh, I found a pair of Chanel chain suspenders, yummy yes!!! Those are gonna spice up my trousers, skirts, shorts you name it I'll be rocking those like there's no tomorrow! I found a vintage original Fendi satchel that is driving me nuts! Im obsessed with it! Guess it's barely Tuesday and I've already found amazing stuff, let's see what the rest of the week has waiting for me! xoxo

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