Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Orange you feeling Neon!

Hey Guys! So This Outfit was also featured in my summer must haves video,  and let me tell ya' I am a sucker for neon's! I thrifted these killer 90s pants last year in the fall, but I have yet to wear them.( not to mention that Tisha Campbell who plays  Sidney in House Party one goes to the party wearing these pants!!) Not because I don't love them or can't figure out how to wear them, but because I truly am Obsessed with them!  It might sound weird but when I find something I LOVE I kind of save it for a Special night, I mean somewhere I can Really show them off and just not around the corner. I know I need stop this! It's weird and most of my closet never sees the light of they because of it!!! My new thing is JUST WEAR IT!!! These bad boys are gonna be a Summer staple, they fit me so  prefect! That's a rare one for me since I am so petite, most of the time everything has to be altered, but these are just 90s perfection! Sigh =)  
Now let's talk about this top, It's one of my most " I NEED TO DO THIS" DIY!
I've searching for the longest everywhere I go for a pointy bra, I would only find gigantic boobies ones! lol Till I came across this one, I found it and I think I heard angels sing! I immediately took it home dyed it tangerine, and added the golden metals holding the straps, Vuala! I think these to complement each other perfectly, I can't wait to wear it out! Whoa this was one enormous explanation for an outfit, any who here's some pics. See ya guys soon XOXO

DIY Bustier Bra Top
90s Vintage Pants
Jeffrey Campbell Wedge

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