Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Musthaves!

Even though I live in southern California, it does get gold once in a while. For the days that do happen to be chill I have my winter must haves!!
At the moment I'm indeed with hats! It protects from the cold and as style to any outfit. Second must have is my vintage fur coat, I love it, I adore it, I need it!!! I actually own a couple and I wait all year long to be able to wear them!!!! Last week was in the 80° and we're in January, I'm glad it's cooler this week more opportunities to rock my fur. 3rd must have, knee highs duh!! You can still pull off cute short dresses and skirts, while comfy knee high socks keep you nice and cozy!
Last but not least a good pair of platform chunky boots! Last year I rocked the Litas, I love them and they just go with EVERYTHING!! If someone tell you that's not true, well they just don't have a huge imagination! This year I'm still obsessed with a boot like that I love the Steve Madden Collosul! It's a killer heel, anything similar to that I'm all over. Well those are the things I NEED to survive this winter! Lol... I'm crossing my fingers for a little cold weather over here =]

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