Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Every day is like Sunday....

Time for another quick Sunday Fun-day post! This Sunday was a bit more chill, we
went to eat some amazing shrimp tacos at this cute little spot! I am embarrassed to say
I had 6, yes I did good thing I was wearing a loose fitting tee shirt!! Speaking of, Saturday at
Zoinks I picked up a cuple awesome tees. They found Some vintage tees as well as new ones, and of course I had to pick up some! I couldn't make up my mind but at the end I decided on this rare Morrissey dead stock tee, a Pink Floyed one, and lastly a Cramps one. I am so glad I did but I
do regret not picking up more of the one of kind ones, it's hard to find vintage good ones, but even more dead stock ones. At $10 each I'd say I definitely scored, right?! So of course I had to wear one
right way! We went to our local mall to walk for a bit but I didn't end up picking up anything, I am saving my mula for some shoes! lol I have no idea witch ones yet but I'm lurking around for a new pair, one can never have too many shoes! There was a fair in our city but I totally effed up by forgetting to charge my camera, after a quick recharge I took a couple of pics at the end of the night. So there you go, a quick glimpse of my Sunday, guess what tomorrow is? Thrifting Tuesday!!!
So I'll be back with hopefully goods things to post up, till then xoxo!

Vintage striped blazer
Zoinks Morrissey Tee
American Apparel Riding Pants
Urban Outfitters Ecote Platform's

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