Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sun and chains...

Today the weather was just perfect! Nothing better than a picnic in the sun right? I'm still obsessed with Maxi dresses there just the perfect go to piece when all you wanna do is roll out the door! This dress in particular is one of my faves because despite the print it's still very neutral and I can easily change it up just by changing up the shoes and accessories. Speaking of accessories, what do you guys think of my new DIY? I've been wanting arm armor but some of the ones I've seen have been to big. So I decided to make one my self! I had extra chains I bought in DTLA from a previous project so all I had to do was get to work! I kept it simple but I'm thinking of making something bolder. Guess will see maybe I'll make a whole body one next! Till next time XOXO

Dress Vintage
DIY Arm Armor Chains
Randon Rings
Vintage Snake cuff

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