Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yum Mushrooms!

Didn't have a chance to take
Pics this weekend it was raining cats and dogs! Here's a couple of "cell phone quality shots", I just wanted to post up a quick outfit post. By the way my nail color is called mushroom by hard candy and I'm obsessed with this color! Im not a crazy nail polish person I don't really own a lot of nail polishes but I was looking for a color that I quite can't explain, and when I saw this it was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here you are I was looking all over for you! It goes with almost everything and it's the perfect transition from winter to spring. I think I might go stock up before I can't find it I love it that much, and it's only like $4!!! Hello it's a no brainer, my favorite polish at the moment!!!! Last week i didn't get to post up my thrifting scores, so I'll definitely have a "Thrifting Tuesday" tomorrow!! Till next time xoxo

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